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Please be respectful of the service and turn
off your cell phone or set them to vibrate.
Thank you.
 Bill Click 8-19
 Lois Pipkin 8-20
 Ane Mitchell 8-23
 Donna Markland 8-24
 Bill & Lois Megill 8-18
 8-18 Shelly,Vickie
 8-25 Kate,Amanda
Grades 1st & 2nd
 8-18 Bnnie,Kathy
 8-25 Bonnie,Marie
 8-18 Wendy,Esther
 8-25 Terri,Emily
 8-21 Melissa,Penelope
 8-22 Bonnie
 8-28 Melissa,Penelope
 8-30 Bonnie,Kathy
Prayer Request cards and Tithe Envelopes are in the back of the chairs
The Church now has a Facebook page. You can find the link on our
The Church has an email address that is exclusively for prayer requests.
If you have a prayer request send it to this address:
If you would like to receive the free internet Bible studies please place your
name and email address on a prayer request card and drop in offering bag 
We will be having a water baptism this month. There is a sign up sheet on
back table if you are interested. 
Childrens Ministry calendars for the month of August are on the back table.
The new Cleaning Schedule for August is posted on the bulletin board.
There will be no Womens Meetings until the month of September.
Visitation/Telephone Calendars for the month of August on back table.
We are collecting for our Annual Yard Sale in March of 2020. Only good,clean
items please and place in building behind the office.
We could really use some volunteers to help clean the church. You would only be
volunteering for one day a month and we always put two together so your not by
yourself. You can choose to clean the restrooms or vacuum. Your help would be
appreciated. If you are interested please see Bonnie Goforth.
We have started a new Sunday School class. It is for grades 1st & 2nd. 
We have divided the nursery into two classrooms and grades one and two
will meet in the other half.
 If you are placing cash in the tithe envelopes please put your first and
 last name so you can be credited with the amount at the end of the year.
 If you are a visitor we want you to know that we offer nursery ( newborn-K)
 in the first portable behind the modular. Grades 1 & 2 meet in the other half of
 the nursery building. Grades 3-5 meet in the modular next door. The teens
 will meet in the last portable after the worship music. All volunteers working
 with our children have undergone background checks.
 If you have been attending our church for at least 6 months and you would
 like to help in the nursery or older classes, please see Bonnie or Shelly
 Dolores Berens-seizures
 George-3rd degree burn
 Our Country
 Police Officers
 Renee-Bells Palsy
 Shirley W.-cancer
 Todd-hepatitis C
 Vi-back surgery